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The power of the MOOC to breath life into ailing blogs

Again a MOOC is the trigger for reviving this blog
Maybe this time I will find blogging a useful task
and actually continue it!


Reflections on week two: Internet connection as a way of life

Having been on the move for the last four days Ive had no internet and LOTS of time for reflection

The main outcomes from all enforced reflection are:

1) Internet connectivity is now an integral part of life (and this is me at the age of 56, so how about “youngsters”); so not only is it a sensible option to have an eportfolio but it might be considered almost essential. A place to collect all information I might need to present as evidence of academic, outreach, and other activities  which can be accessed and/or sent just by a URL (this is most important to those of us who have trouble remebering exactly where were those documents that we put away in a “safe place”). An eportfolio is also a collected pool of personal data on which to reflect.

2) The importance of eportfolios makes it vital that those of us who have the role of educators (both formally and informally) pass on the knowledge and skills to others.

3) Finally, a personal reflection; I need to monitor how much “directionless” time I spend n the internet! Its not so much surfing as long lazy swims snorkeling just seeing what I can find. Pre internet I was capable of spending over an hour looking up a word in my dictionary (with historical derivations) simply because I would side track myself with such interesting “finds”.There is a definite need to watch time spent!

PS  Reflecting (!) on the last point it may be worth my while in keeping a list of all the URLs in a blog within my eportfolio

Spicey Nodes or so many new tools: so little time!

 liked spicy nodes much more than spider!  I will definitely try it out. As a mind mapping tool it looks great however the arrows seem very motile once you start clicking so I am not sure about its suitability for sharing ones train of thought.


I am not impressed by spiderscribe

I see its potential as a mind mapping, brain storming, heirachy drawing (with pictures and maps) tool

but thought Prezi (If you dont know Prezi give it a try its one of the challege tools!) or even word could do just as well and probably better.

Do any of you use spiderscribe , am I underestimating it.


Reflections on “new” online tools

Trying out new online tools is great fun!

However maybe TOO much fun.

I am begining to think I have a problem

“I am an online applications addict”

Maybe if this “addiction” lead to fantastic rlo it wouldnt be so bad

BUT I mostly seem just to enrole, experiment a bit and move on to the next toy.

Anyone similarly afflicted maybe we could form a self help group (online of course).

P.S. Has anyone tried Google Plus: is it any good: please send me an invite: I’m itching to try it

MOOC resuscitation of an embryonic blog

When asked to comment at sign up why I thought e-portfolios would be useful to me I said:

  • provide evidence of CPD
  • be a source of material on which to reflect

I have just been reading through the Ning and saw the suggestion about writing up a blog  including the ongoing MOOC experience

“great idea—– give it a go ”

says me

On setting up with wordpress I found I already have a blog- or rather I am already registered– almost a year ago.

Reflection on the above: I realise that an e-portfoilio would also help me organise and remind me of intended activities — sign up for something– send a note to the “work in progress ” section.

Todays Reflection on me and EpCoP MOOC: In addition to finding a long forgotten would be blog, I found the blogs already posted  really interesting . I am even more aware now of both my need to learn these skills and how very little I know. With my ultimate goal of  not only becoming competent but also helping others become competent  its going to be a lot of work; I hope I can keep up! Regardless I have already learnt a lot plus I am now actually blogging!

Reflections on attempts gone by

The date says it all! (25/07/20110)