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MOOC resuscitation of an embryonic blog

July 25, 2011

When asked to comment at sign up why I thought e-portfolios would be useful to me I said:

  • provide evidence of CPD
  • be a source of material on which to reflect

I have just been reading through the Ning and saw the suggestion about writing up a blog  including the ongoing MOOC experience

“great idea—– give it a go ”

says me

On setting up with wordpress I found I already have a blog- or rather I am already registered– almost a year ago.

Reflection on the above: I realise that an e-portfoilio would also help me organise and remind me of intended activities — sign up for something– send a note to the “work in progress ” section.

Todays Reflection on me and EpCoP MOOC: In addition to finding a long forgotten would be blog, I found the blogs already posted  really interesting . I am even more aware now of both my need to learn these skills and how very little I know. With my ultimate goal of  not only becoming competent but also helping others become competent  its going to be a lot of work; I hope I can keep up! Regardless I have already learnt a lot plus I am now actually blogging!


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  1. sdpankhurst permalink

    Welcome (back) to the world of blogging. I totally understand the long-lost blog. I have been blogging for a while now, however, I think in the last 2 years I have only made about five or six posts. Hopefully though that will change.

    I hope the journey goes well and has a lasting impact.

  2. Great to see you reviving your languishing blog and a bit of colour and humour in the process. I liked your comment about knowing what we don’t know and planning to learn it so you can support others – that is a great motivator.

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