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July 27, 2011

I am not impressed by spiderscribe

I see its potential as a mind mapping, brain storming, heirachy drawing (with pictures and maps) tool

but thought Prezi (If you dont know Prezi give it a try its one of the challege tools!) or even word could do just as well and probably better.

Do any of you use spiderscribe , am I underestimating it.



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  1. Linda permalink

    Isn’t Prezi for presentation, not for mind mapping?

  2. Yes you are right LInda
    but I think it could also be used as a mindmapping tool
    central idea going out to satellites within each satellite zoomable layers
    plus the presentation characteristics of the tool would make useful to explain the map to others
    HOWEVER I have never tried it as such
    the thought only came to me as I was reflecting on what can spider do that other tools cant
    now I only have to find the time to try mind mapping on it!

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