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Reflections on week two: Internet connection as a way of life

August 9, 2011

Having been on the move for the last four days Ive had no internet and LOTS of time for reflection

The main outcomes from all enforced reflection are:

1) Internet connectivity is now an integral part of life (and this is me at the age of 56, so how about “youngsters”); so not only is it a sensible option to have an eportfolio but it might be considered almost essential. A place to collect all information I might need to present as evidence of academic, outreach, and other activities  which can be accessed and/or sent just by a URL (this is most important to those of us who have trouble remebering exactly where were those documents that we put away in a “safe place”). An eportfolio is also a collected pool of personal data on which to reflect.

2) The importance of eportfolios makes it vital that those of us who have the role of educators (both formally and informally) pass on the knowledge and skills to others.

3) Finally, a personal reflection; I need to monitor how much “directionless” time I spend n the internet! Its not so much surfing as long lazy swims snorkeling just seeing what I can find. Pre internet I was capable of spending over an hour looking up a word in my dictionary (with historical derivations) simply because I would side track myself with such interesting “finds”.There is a definite need to watch time spent!

PS  Reflecting (!) on the last point it may be worth my while in keeping a list of all the URLs in a blog within my eportfolio


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  1. Hi Wafa, isn’t it strange that when we are limited to our internet contact that is when we might do other things that once might have been first on our list. I know what you mean – I often get so distracted that at the end of the day I may not have completed the task I set out to do. On the flip side I end up with several great ideas and leads that help change my direction and attitude – so that’s got to be a good thing.
    You may wish to consider using something like ScoopIt or Live Binders to collect your URLs and then paste that link into your blog.

  2. Liz Diamond permalink

    Or other social bookmarking tools like Delicious or Diigo Wafa. You could put a link back to your account within your eportfolio. Of course then the reader would see everything you had bookmarked so you would have to be mindful of that. That is a big thing….. we must always consider our potental audience.

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